The Revenant: Sin and society A Revenant was once a man, a sinful man who rose from the grave to terrorize the town.But what do these creatures say about medieval society?

Scrofula: The King’s Evil.

In times before modern science and medicine the world was a terrifying place. The looming fear of one’s mortality in the face of illness or simple wounds was ever present. The worst part was probably the inability to explain the cause or reason for these sudden illnesses. Many misunderstood illnesses came in waves over the … Continue reading Scrofula: The King’s Evil.

The Longbow men: England’s Pride?

History has always fueled the base for national pride. If you’re American, you probably think of the revolution. The French might think of Napoleon Bonaparte or the great feats of architectural design. The English have their own self glamorized moments from history, the Victorian age is one such example. But England also tends to pick … Continue reading The Longbow men: England’s Pride?