The life of an Executioner.

It’s wildly accepted that crime and punishment in history has been brutal. A person could find themselves facing terrible punishments for what we now consider petty crimes. But behind the horror of execution where those tasked with delivering it. The life of an executioner was nothing glamorous or forbiddingly dark. Forget the black hooded man … Continue reading The life of an Executioner.

Scrofula: The King’s Evil.

In times before modern science and medicine the world was a terrifying place. The looming fear of one’s mortality in the face of illness or simple wounds was ever present. The worst part was probably the inability to explain the cause or reason for these sudden illnesses. Many misunderstood illnesses came in waves over the … Continue reading Scrofula: The King’s Evil.

The Longbow men: England’s Pride?

History has always fueled the base for national pride. If you’re American, you probably think of the revolution. The French might think of Napoleon Bonaparte or the great feats of architectural design. The English have their own self glamorized moments from history, the Victorian age is one such example. But England also tends to pick … Continue reading The Longbow men: England’s Pride?

The Boyplayers: The dark side to Elizabethan theatre

Exploitation in the entertainment industry is a widely known tragedy of the past and present. In the last few years huge exposés have been brought to light as people find their voices and the public become more aware. Looking back to the past century we are painfully aware of how the classical stars where mistreated. … Continue reading The Boyplayers: The dark side to Elizabethan theatre