The Roanoke colony: What happened?

After three years, White returned to the colony. What he found chilled him to the bone. The Roanoke colony was gone, the buildings neatly taken down, no signs of anyone alive or dead. The only hint being two carvings. On a large tree they found “CRO” and a fence post bearing the craving “CROATOAN”. For … Continue reading The Roanoke colony: What happened?

The Roanoke Colony: Foundations

During the 16th and 17th Century, Europeans where racing to lay claim to the newly ‘discovered’ America’s. It was a New World, filled with promise and mystique. Europeans were lured by the tales of riches, resources and land that was just begging to be developed and shaped in their favour. But that’s not to say … Continue reading The Roanoke Colony: Foundations

Anne Lister:The Diaries that shocked the Country

Anne Lister, a landowner who is best remembered because of her letters and diaries. She broke the expectations of her time and became a renowned businesswoman. What did it take for a woman to excel in these times? Anne was born as the second child of the notable soldier Jeremy Lister, but out of four … Continue reading Anne Lister:The Diaries that shocked the Country